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Going Natural

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There are different ways to go natural. You could wait till all the chemicals in your hair have grown out. A way to do this with out having, half chemical and half natural is to braid your hair in extensions like I did. Keep the extensions on your hair from time to time til' all of your hair becomes natural. Now don't forget, you need to let your hair rest for the extensions every once and a while. While your hair is resting, your could do a press and curl or you could simply wear a wig. Then, when you are ready to put the extensions back in, now you can do so.

Another way to go natural is to do the big chop. Now, you will be wearing a twa for a little while but some people look good in a twa. It's not for me, but this is one way. Let your hair grow out about 2 or 3 inches then cut off the perm.

Another way is to dread your hair. Some hair can be dreaded while it still has some chemical on it. There are Brotherlocs and Sisterlocs. This type of dreading can be done while you still have chemicals on the ends of your hair.

When you are transitioning from relaxed hair to natural, you need to keep some things in mind. Your hair is weak. All of the relaxing you did to it made it weak. You need to be careful with your hair. Don't pull it to tight. Don't be ruff with it. It is going to want to break off. You will have relaxed hair and natural hair at the same time on your head. It is going to want to brake of at the weak relaxed spots. Be gentle with your hair. Shampoo with natural products. That may help. Condition, condition, condition. Do deep conditioning treatments at least once a week. If your hair feels dry a lot, try hot oil treatments. It is better to do a hot oil treatment then to put oils on your hair everyday. When you put oils on your hair every day, you are clogging your hairs follicles. Your hair will not be able to breathe. Doing a hot oil treatment will set you up for the rest of the week. You will not have to put oils in your hair everyday. Try not to color your hair at this time either. You don't want to add any unwanted stress to the scalp or hair. Let me tell you, scarfs will be your best friend. Use them. 

It will be a good investment for you to get a satin scarf or a silk one. If you want to buy yourself a silk or satin pillow case as well then that will be double the protection. The right scarf, rag or bonnet will help you in your natural process. When you lay your hair down to sleep, you are rubbing your hair against non satin fibers. Your hair may brake off from all of the rubbing, also you  may be setting yourself up for split ends. Protecting your hair is the key to longer, stronger natural hair.

Since you are going natural, why not try natural products or homemade natural products? They are better for your body and for your hair. If you know what is going into your hair and skin, you can find out what your hair likes and dislikes. Then you can look for that type of ingredient in your products. Also, you can read the lable a little easier. I love making my own products. I know what my hair likes and does not like and If my hair needs a special treatment, I go into my kitchen and make it! 



This is a video for some of you who are scared to go natural. Listen to these two men and you will change your mind!



Another way to go natural is with texlaxing or with a texturizer. It may ease the transition. If you have relaxed or permed hair, start getting texturizers until all of your hair is texturized then just let your newgrowth start being natural from there. This will take a longer time to go fully natural but it may help some people who have never ever seen their real natural hair. Going natural and seeing your real hair for the first time may be a bit of a shock for some people and this just may be the added help they need. And before your ask no, I do not do texturizers in the salon.